New Leslie Simulators

Leslie Cabs

Hi folks,

Just a quick update on a couple of new Leslie sims that are planning to be released to market very soon.

You may have already heard about the mini-ventilator that NEO are producing called the Mini-Vent. there is a picture of it here ( This is setup mainly for guitar players and although it will be very good for them I don’t think it will be the full package for Organist missing (as it appears to) the pre-amp overdrive stage and the cabinet modelling stage of the effect.

Mini Vent

The second is a little more interesting and is called BURN. I like that fact that the tag line is also a Deep Purple lyric, that encourages me. It is a stompbox that is to be released in the end of July and is coming out of Italy from a company called Gsi who are a sister of Crumar.


No proper images exist yet only computer rendered ones but the word is that it will be £40-£50 less than the vent, has midi and Leslie stop as standard and will contain a real tube overdrive and possibly reverb.

The first hundred sold on their website in July will be at a heavily discounted rate apparently.

Watch this space


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