Hammond SK1 Portable Organ on pre-order now


Hi Guys,

How have you been doing? I just wanted to put this website your way if you are interested in Hammond Organs at all.

This is a relatively new site as Hammond Suzuki haven’t had a distributor in England up until recently. Well work checking them out:

Hammond Organ UK – Exclusive UK Distributor for Hammond Organs and Leslie Speakers.

From here you can get info about my favourite Hammond the XK3c and also the latest edition to the family the SK1 and SK2:

SK1 and 2

Nice eh? The brief for these Organs was to pack the punch whilst keeping it light and compact. My XK3c is a monster and I like it but it gets flack for weighing so much (I have to use a soft and padded case, I can’t use the aluminium flight case as no one would be able to lift it!!

By all accounts Hammond have really pulled this one-off, making it light but keeping the sound there and importantly the Leslie Sim up to scratch.  Our man on the inside demo’s it here at the Frankfurt music show


I’ve checked these devices out and I’m impressed. For me I would prefer the XK Pro series as it feels and looks right (and has a few extra features) and I don’t think I could get used to the new style drawbars but I can see the SK1 taking off in studios around the world and the pop world will kill for that classic Hammond sound wrapped up in modern dress. You can get the SK1 for around £1300 (which is around 1500EUO these days) and in Hammond terms and for that amount of quality its a bargain, whereas the XK3c is £2150 (2500EUO). you get what you pay for but if you have a thousand pounds spare and need a Hammond clone this is unbeatable. I wouldn’t wait around for a second hand XK3c because you won’t find one!

Malcolm Deakin is your man at Hammond UK if you need anything then pop onto this message page :


Last but no least they have a Blog, great idea! Check it out:


…and this, well this is just amp porn!

The new Leslie 3300w, perfect.

See you later