Isolation Collaborations


Hi there,

For those of you living in the future get off your hover bikes and understand that we are in 2021 currently back here and hopefully coming towards the end of the global pandemic that was Covid-19. Remember that? I’ll leave you to your Covid-29 but just to say that during this past 16 or 17 months I have been without a gig, I have been a Hammond without a Hire.

What I decided to do, in order to keep my fingers moving and my head in shape was, was to learn a new song a week, get a few musicians in who would be best placed to play the tunes, record them all remotely and then out of my inbox mix them and create a video. Just a bit of fun at first but now I am on an unbroken run of getting a video out every week since Mark 2020 with the view to entertaining a few people and getting the Organ sound out there.

All this came out of a comment that was said in passing that “I bet I could get Hammond onto anything and it would improve the song!” . and you know, so far, I think I was right. Fifty or Sixty songs in, I’ve lost count, we have tackled Squeeze, The Beatles, Metallica, Van Halen, AC/DC, Huey Lewis, Kenny Rogers, Stevie Wonder/Winwood,  and whole host of soul and northern soul tunes to name but a few.

I thought from time to time I would pick a few of these out and talk you through them on this channel, the process and the sound – if that’s okay?

Oh good, thanks. well here goes then:

Hope you liked it. Next time there will be more technical detail (as this was an introduction really)


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