Nick Foley UK Chats to Marine Lacoste from Unkle Cracker, Corey Hart and Highway Hunters

Inspiration, Organs

Hello! This week I am joined by an excellent keyboardist and Hammond Organ Player Marine Lacoste as she takes a rare break back home in Canada. We discuss her musical beginnings, the instruments that she has had and uses regularly and obviously we dive a little deeper into Hammond Organs and the many modifications that she had made to them over the years.

A brief segway into Leslie Microphone techniques then back to discus Marine’s online music school, the bands that she plays with and the relative merits of playing with a venue supplied backline. A really interesting person with a lot to see, I hope you enjoy this one.

You can find Marine at at Facebook and YouTube. Her use of Lounsberry effect pedals is detailed here. Info on @unclekracker here, @coreyhartofficial here too – great Artists and great bands.


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