Guitarists Listen! Your Secret Studio Amplifier

Leslie Cabs

Good morning and welcome. Today I would like to introduce guitarists to the wonder of the fabled Leslie amplifier. You may have seen the wooden box in the corner of the room and wondered what it did, watched keyboard players eyes light up whilst the bore you with the physics of it all but the question is:

What would my guitar sound like through it, and how and when could I use is and what are the things to watch out for?

Want that Black Hole Sun sound do you?

Well, I’m here to help. Today I get a vintage Leslie and a brand new one and show you the differences, the way to hook them up to your guitar and compare the sounds between the two.

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Thanks to Hammond UK and @bonnersmusic for my Leslie 3300 and @guitarguitaruk for my lovely @fender Telecaster ! More from me exclusively at


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