RS2 Leslie Simulator Plugin

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Good Morning, I hope that you are well? Today is something different. I was recently asked if I would help out with the (easy side of the) development of a Leslie simulator plugin (vts) that a company called Brother of Mars were developing. Its a sim aimed less at the Jazz world (although not exclusively) and more towards Rock tones – which is rare to say the least. My interest was piqued! My involvement was to take my trusty C3 and 122 combination and record me playing various styles of music, completely clean, both out of the Leslie 122 but also simultaneously with a line-out from the Organ. The boffins at BoM then worked out the difference and it helped them come up with their new VST which is Called “RS2”. There are three products; RS2, RS2 lite and a vibrato Simm using the same technology but without the cab simulation and the aim today is for you to have a little listen and tell me what you think.

Do you like it or loathe if or can you simply not wait to download it and add it to your DAW?

Details are here: ..and it is available now for Windows and very soon for Mac at only £17. I’m not affiliated in any way with the company but I thought as I was testing it I would make a video for you and get your opinion on it. As usually, please don’t hesitate to contact me either here of from my contact page if you have any queries or anything that you would like me to look at – if I can, I will! Have a great weekend folks.

Until next time, Nick


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