Behind the Scenes – The Classic Rock Show, Birmingham Symphony Hall Rig Run with Henry Burnett


Have you ever wanted to get behind the curtain with a large touring rock band, go back stage, meet the keyboard player and understand their motivations and preparations for a tour?

I have and was extremely fortunate to get behind the scenes at the Birmingham Symphony Hall this weekend and meet my friend Henry Burnett. He is the keyboard player in The Classic Rock Show, who were back in the country for the current leg of their tour.

A fascinating conversation in an amazing building, on the symphony hall stage running through Henry’s equipment, methodology and approach to creating the right sounds and layers ahead of a large concert tour.

Henry plays Nord and Yamaha keyboards, and Hammond organs from the highly recommended Bonners Music.

You can get more information about The Classic Rock Show at YouTube and look out for a special “back of head” guest appearance from Pete Thorn around 9 minutes in.

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