Deep Purple’s Burn – Jon Lord’s Organ Explained


I hope you are all well and good and looking forward to the week ahead? I have had a lot of people request this one over the years and so I thought I would bite the bullet and show you how I (at least!) have tackled this iconic Deep Purple song – BURN!

I’ll go through the song live for you and then dissect it from start to finish and explain all the organ sections that I play (along with some of the cheats!). I would love to hear how you tackle it too.

the basic shape of the track is referenced here.

If you would like a breakdown of the guitar solo I can facilitate that for you too so do let me know. And if you want to see the remote lockdown song and video that me and and few confined musicians came up with let me know and I might put it up as a little bonus material in the week!


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