Hammond Organ 101 – Tips for Keyboard and Piano players

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Hi Folks, here is the ultimate 101 for beginners and session player who haven’t rocked up to a Hammond Organ before. I will take you through all the controls on the Hammond C3 and show you their equivalent on a Hammond XK-5. Everything you need to turn up and get a good sound out of the organ without anyone ever knowing that you’ve not played one before!

Invaluable stuff!

Hammond XK-5’s are available through Hammond UK from @bonnersmusic and if you are in the UK they are THE place to go (and I am not being paid to say that!).

My C3 overdrive that you can see in shot is from @georgekrabs6948 company “ProfKon” and again, I totally recommend that module too – they make one for the XK-5 too and that’s stiff competition for the totally excellent @lounsberrypedals7529 Organ Grinder which I always recommend to anyone who will listen to me!

Hope you find this useful and if you want answers to any extra questions or even just want to say thanks and buy me a cuppa then http://www.Patreon.com/nickfoleyuk is the way to go


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