How to play Deep Purple’s “Child In Time” on the Hammond organ

Organs, Playing

Good morning all, for it was morning (and a cold one at that) in my studio today when I recorded a little video for you.

After the success of last weeks Burn tutorial I had quite a few requests and one of them was for a tutorial on how to play Child In Time by Deep Purple (and particularly its intro by Jon Lord). I have played this a few times in the past so here it is warts and tricks and all for you to have a look at and comment on.

I may not be 100% right although I think its close, any alterations and suggestions gladly received! If you have any other Jon Lord tales you want me to attempt for you then please let me know in the comments or contact me directly and privately via the contact form and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as time allows (usually quickly when I am not away in the studio etc.)

In the meanwhile, here’s a lovely improv by Jon and another 23 years later! As you can tell, its as much about the groove and the feel as it is about the notes, and as I say, Jon never ever played it the same twice. Songs chords are quite simple throughout.

I thought I would call-out a couple of really interesting cover versions too, that I have come across over the years.


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