How to play the Hammond organ part to “Highway Star”

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By popular demand I am back this week and will continue my thread of Deep Purple and Jon Lord covers, showing you how I play these classic tracks section by section. This week we are looking at the opener, Highway Star!

Tricky little fella is this one, and as it’s the first song of the set you need to make sure you are warmed up to attempt it. For a long time my hand would cramp up half way through the organ solo – it’s not easy. These days I don’t cramp up but I can definitely feel the release of that solo a couple of songs later in my right hand!

That said, let’s take a look. Shall we do the tuning up intro from Made in Japan as well? Yeah why not.

Apologies for last week, I was in the studio for a fair chunk of it recording the new Atack album. It’s coming on nicely and the Hammond is front and if not centre, then joint-centre with Keith Atack’s beautiful geetar playing. More on that another time.

For the moment then, and for everyone that asked me about it, here is Highway Star.

PS: There’s a great version of Highway Star here and another nice cover version by The Classic Rock Show here.


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