Tutorial – “Burn” by Deep Purple


In this week’s Hammond video blog, there is even more on Hammond technique, bits and bobs that I have learned or enjoy playing. Hopefully its the last of the “portrait” experiment and we can get back to good old fashioned landscape mode next time!

This time we kind of fall into the Deep Purple California Jam concert from way back in 1974. This had a profound effect on me and, back when I was a struggling musician getting up late after a late gig, I would put this video on to inspire me to get rehearsing. Jon Lord’s performance at this concert was amazing, one of his best on record I feel, and I learned a lot about style, dynamics and blues in F from this video.

California Jam is well worth a watch if are a fan of Hammond Organ; even if you don’t like Deep Purple!

Hope you find this useful folks and remember contact me or leave comments with your thoughts so far and any other questions that you would like me to try and answer!

Thanks for watching,



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