You Too Can Get My Dirty Organ Tone!

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Good Morning and how are you today?

Last week I did a nice little video on how I play @DeepPurpleOfficial’s Perfect Strangers tune. I received a lot of lovely comments but most of all were the comments about the Hammond Organ sound and how nice it was, and pretty close to the original recording. I had to agree – it was close to my ears too!

A few asked me how to get that kind of sound and the good news is all you need is a C3, a Leslie 122 and a Nick Foley!

Only joking, of course you don’t need a Nick Foley (although it always helps). Obtaining this sound is within your grasp and I will show you how. I’ll do a step by step deep dive into how this sound was created; starting with the C3 and the ProfKon ZD-1 Overdrive unit, then moving onto the Leslie 122 and the mics used to record it, and finally into Pro Tools and the effects I use to get the sound just how I like it.

The two reverbs are crucial I think, although I made the longer reverb a little dryer than last weeks just so you could hear all of the effect played in differing passages.

Big shout out to the Abbey Road suite of plugins from @waves for this and their mastering suite is a secret final trick to getting it just so, and a shout out to @RickBeato who recommended it.

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Official Perfect Strangers video:

The Profkon Overdrive Unit:

Abbey Road Collection from Waves:

Rick’s Channel:

Thanks as ever to Hammond UK in the guise of @bonnersmusic and @lounsberrypedals7529 in the Guise of Greg, for their continued support! More from me exclusively at


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