A Hammond Organ player reacts: Don Airey


I was sent a video from a friend of the wonderfully talented Don Airey playing a solo and I thought it might be a nice thing to watch it together, what do you think?

It was originally recorded by @tcelectronic as a showcase I think for three of their effect pedals from the Nova range (the reverb, delay and modulation devices) and I will speak a little about those in the video too. I am not affiliated to them in any way but I do like their style and own a copy of those boxes myself.

I read online that Don is not feeling 100% at the moment and so I thought it was a nice time, whilst he is sitting out a couple of purple gigs, that we celebrate his talent in a kind of get well soon video card 🙂

There was a classical piece or two that he was playing, I was trying to identify it. It’s Mozart, Rondo allla Turca of course !

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Original Recording of Don without me talking over it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmmIlFyjRWA
Note that I do not claim any ownership of copyright of the original footage I am simple reacting to it for the purpose of education.


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