Hammond USA Riff Off Competition


Hi Guys,

I should bring you up to date. Just before Christmas I was up early with the kids having breakfast. Whilst they ate I checked Facebook only to find that there was a Hammond Organ competition running. I don’t usually get involved to be honest but I thought this would be a good one if I was going to. You had to submit 30 seconds of your best Riffs to be judged by a panel that importantly to me by ‘celebrity Hammond Organ players’ – intriguing.

Anyhoo, I didn’t have any footage other than a version of Booker T’s Green Onions that we hadn’t used anywhere as we were not happy with the tempo that we ended up playing it at. I submitted it anyway, and the Organ Solo was okay as it happens (one mistake in there but unless you knew etc…) and waited.

Very long story short, I made it through the semi-finals on views (thanks all!) and eventually won the competition!

I couldn’t be more chuffed and what’s more I win a Leslie Effect pedal for my troubles so I will be reviewing this, against my NEO Vent, as soon as it arrives.

Once again though, if you voted for me in this competition I am extremely grateful and humbled by how nice you have all been,




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