Interview with Jamie Pipe (Danny Bryant, The Mentulls, Martin Barre)

Hello how are you today? I’m really pleased to be able share this video with you today. Today we meet Jamie Pipe. I have been a fan of him, his talent, hair and age for some time now and this week I finally got the time to have a good sit down with him. Today we discuss all the things we like to discuss from Jamie’s musical beginnings, his influences and the keyboards that he uses. Along the way Rick Beato gets a plug for his amazing Beato Book, we discuss the music of Danny Bryant, his influences from Focus to Jethro Tull, what digital pianos to buy and upcoming gigs with his main band The Mentulls.

A good insight into a busy touring musician and a really nice guy, I hope you enjoy it!



Links: The Mentulls:

Rick Beato:…


Jethro Tull:

Andrew Giddings:…

The Flower Pot, Derby:



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